Hi, I'm Jeff Sample.

Digital data nerd. Media au courant. Process commander. Ad Ops whiz. Mentor and teacher. Wannabee engineer. Wicked smart. More to come!

About me

When our family got our first PC, a 40MHZ Gateway desktop the size of a small coffee table, I would have never thought I was paving the path for my adult career. What was seemingly a small hobby in designing websites at the age of 13 quickly became a way to make some extra dough as a 15 year old. Starting my first company at the age of 16 with a couple of friends was the beginning. After that was years and years of freelance and full time web development and design jobs. Slowly realized I was far too scatter brained to focus on development projects, I decided to take on the role of managing projects instead and building client relationships.

Since those initial entrpreneurial days I've continued to dabble in technology and have used that tech background to spring board my love for Digital Ad Operations. Since starting my first position in Ad Operations at Razorfish, I've continued to pursue this passion in a variety of roles. I've also had the great opportunity of building and starting a company from scratch, Leadster. Leadster was the greatest mistake of my life (read a little bit about our journey here: https://medium.com/@jeffsample/cutting-the-cord-629e5f769ebb#.n2b6n8lh3). You learn more about yourself in the face of adversity, and that was the moment in time I turned into the person I am now. I currently oversee Advertising Operations for the West Coast of IPG, and I love every freakin' minute of it.

Work experience

Below is a condensed view of my previous work experience... at least most of it. In case you were wondering, I used to deliver pizzas for Round Table.

Vice President, West, Ad Operations

I am currently working at IPG overseeing all advertising operations teams and initiatives on the west coast. This is inclusive of all of our major agency teams, as well as our operations team over at our programmatic arm, Cadreon. We are pushing the envelope in digital for our clients, which only makes the ad operations job that much more challenging... and the reason I love it so much.

CEO & Co-founder

Myself and our Co-founder dropped everything to try and build a product from scratch. It was the riskiest, scariest, and most difficult professional venture I've dealt with. It was also the most rewarding. Although Leadster never turned us into the millionaires we thought we'd be when we first started, it was undoubtedly the biggest success so far in my career from a perspective of growth and challenge.

Sr. Manager, Ad Operations

I joined Sharethrough because I loved the Product they were offering. Back in 2010 I remember when I first saw their offering and company culture, I wanted to be a part of it. It was an amazing experience building this Ad Operations team and working with an amazing Product team.

Manager, Ad Operations

Working at Carat was the first opportunity I had to build a team from scratch. We had challenging expectations, and the requirements for process allowed us to transform the way we worked together with our clients. Some of our process changes fundamentally changed the way our client teams worked internally as well. It was a great experience, with a great team and client partners.

Manager, Ad Operations

My first role managing an ad operations team. I'm lucky to be back where it all started. UM and IPG have always been great to me. When Microsoft left, I realized a new challenge was needed... and honestly, Carat poached me. Albeit a short one, my time at UM shaped the way I teach and mentor my staff members, which is still the most important motivation of success for myself in my career.

Client Service Engineer

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started at Razorfish. All I knew was I wanted to work for a big agency, and that I thought my web development background would help me out. Little did I know I was falling in love with my new passion in ad operations. It was the right role at the right time.

Freelance & Hired

I've done design, development, and simple project management in a variety of languages over time. I quickly realized I wasn't going to be the best developer (way too scatter brained), the entire experience of learning the foundations built the background for my technical knowledge and it's application in my current day to day. Who would've known that a silly Beavis and Butthead/Seinfield gif and wav clips website would've lead me to the path I'm at now.


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